Shut Up! Lest Be Censored and Banned... from the Lucio Tan Group of Companies

Do we have to be afraid of Dr. Lucio Tan and his camp of followers and ill-advisers who spill distorted truths and spread rumors? This is what has been posted by Victor Agustin, on Cocktales about the Manila Standard.

Remember those days when you could not avail of the Manila Bulletin on any Philippine Airlines flights right after the Lucio Tan Group took the reigns of the fledging airline?

Now, shall publications and journals bow down to the might and weight of a bully? Or should they speak the truth? In our Philippine Society, and the capitalist market system, it is sad to say that the mighty buck speaks with great stoutness.

Sad to say, will we Filipinos, regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural/religious affiliations and skin color, be buckled down by the ills of past and present Filipino Society?

Sa pera tayo tumutugon! Hindi sa katotohanan! Is there such a thing as Integrity in Philippine Society in general?

To those working for Kapitan and those already threatened by him, we empathize with your plight. We know many have been either demoted or terminated for speaking the truth, or just by lending a hand to protect the Kapitan from his blinded sight and deafened ears. We wish you had another path.

This is the excerpt from Victor Agustin...

".... There have been fall-outs as well.

The paper has had to suffer being off-loaded from Philippine Airlines whenever the Lucio Tan-Mariano Tanenglian feud gets splashed on the front page. The Makati Business Club and the Asian Institute of Management could not understand why we, or this corner, could not take their political pronouncements as gospel truths, in the same way that MBC and AIM could not take Malacañang’s pronouncements as gospel truths.

And, notwithstanding the secret delight of the Jesuits, the gays of La Salle have now equated the Manila Standard Today with the apocrypha.

We better stop here, lest we spill more trade secrets."


Anonymous said...

Ganyan talaga si Lucio Tan tsaka mga tuta niya, diktador at pasista. Kahit mga pahayagang Tsino, pag merong negatibong balita tungkol sa kanya, sermon ang abot. Dati sa away ng PAL tsaka Taiwan airlines tungkol sa air rights, nagpatawag ng press conference si kapitan, sinermonan at pinahiya niya yung editor in chief ng China Times na si Mr. Locson (tatay ni Joel Locsin) sa harap ng lahat ng Chinese media.

Anonymous said...

can you put up a link to the "recent comments"? This will help readers like us to quickly view the latest posts from other readers as well.

Anonymous said...

Lucio Tan is selling out (FTC). A very reliable source has confirmed.