PAL flight attendants threaten to go on strike

MANILA, Philippines - Flight attendants of flag carrier Philippine Airlines may go on strike over management's discriminatory policies, which includes a lower compulsory retirement age for attendants and stewards.

The 1,600 members of the PAL- Flight Attendants’ and Stewards’ Association of the Philippines (FASAP), said in a statement on Wednesday, that management has been "bargaining in bad faith" and has not offered collective bargaining agreement (CBA) proposals since the last deal expired in 2007.

"The flight attendants' collective morale has dipped to an all-time low," FASAP said, adding its members have not been granted any salary increase.

FASAP said the primary reason for contemplating a strike, aside from the standoff in the CBA, is the age and gender discrimination against its flight attendants.

“All we ask is for equality in the workplace. In PAL, the other employees are allowed to work until 65 years old. The pilots’ compulsory retirement age for both males and females is 60 years old. But for flight attendants, the compulsory retirement age is as young as 40 years old,” said FASAP President Roberto Anduiza.

"We are against age and gender discrimination. PAL cannot continue to turn a blind eye to inequality. PAL should correct this discriminatory policy, instead of using it as a bargaining chip against the flight attendants," Anduiza said.

He said the planned strike will force PAL management to respect the legal CBA process and bring them back to the negotiating table.

"We have more than legal basis and documentation to file a notice of strike," said Anduiza.

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