Lucio Tan himself has been very silent over "The PAL" problem...


The Philippine Airlines labor problem has become a big challenge for the Aquino administration. No less than 25 pilot-captains have resigned and some 1,200 other pilots, flight attendants and stewards have threatened to strike because of low pay and lack of job security.

The mistake of the administration was to get involved with no less than three Cabinet secretaries—Department of Transportation and Communication Secretary Jose de Jesus, Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima—trying to broker a compromise agreement between management and the employees.

My gulay, there were even talks that government should take over PAL because the cancellation of flights was affecting tourism and investments!

What a bad idea. The administration is already scrounging for cash. Moreover, don’t we all know that government is the worst manager of all?

PAL itself is also committing mistakes by threatening to file charges against the resigned pilots. You don’t go to a negotiating table threatening people.

Personally, I believe that under our capitalistic system, if a business isn’t making money and can no longer work for the best interests of the country, it should fold up. PAL isn’t the only airline. Certainly, the vacuum it would leave will be filled sooner than we think.

Considering that Lucio Tan himself has been very silent over this problem, I believe that he has had it with PAL. That’s not his only line of business. He has other interests that are making money.

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