Media Blitz: Maids v.s. Mariano Tanenglian

A disgruntled informant close to the Lucio Tan camp has come forward with some information about the recent media blitz about the complaints of maids from the household of Mariano Tanenglian against the Tanenglian family.

It appears that members of the Lucio Tan camp, in fact, close relatives of the Tan’s, were instrumental in bribing the maids’ family, members and officials of the law and worse of all redeemed journals to publish defaming stories to discredit Mariano in order to demoralize him from furthering his claim to his shares of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies he helped found. “Lahat ng sinulat dini sa diyaryo, lahat niyan sila sila sa mga kamaganak ni kapitan (Lucio Tan) ang nagtulak, malaking salapi ang nabayad sa abugado, sa pulisya, sa mga mayari ng diayryo!”, the informant mentioned.

When asked for proof, the informant just said, “ibasa mo lang ng ibasa ang mga sinulat, malalaman mo na kung sino sino ang nasa likod ng mga ito, mga walang kaluluwa ang mga eto, pati kaluluwa ko binili rin.” Pointing to the articles without elaboration, the informant indicated several paragraphs in the articles that are either inconsistent, erroneous or just plain fabrication.

“Noon, mahal na mahal ko ang pamilya ni kapitan, maganda ang buhay ko, pero lang nadiri ako sa mga ginagawa nila kay Mariano, puro peke, ngayon ko lang nakita ang pagkapeke ng mga ito. Nakakasira ng konsiyensya!” The informant complained. It was further added that the informant was also paid off to keep silent about the on-goings of the Lucio Tan family. “Noon, binayaran din ako upang matahimik lang. Malaking salapi, napasaya ako. Ayaw ni kapitan na malaman ng mga tao dini na ang mga anak niya, nakapatay ng ilang mga kapwa mamamayan, ayan ang dahilan bakit ang mga ito ay nasibat sa iba’t ibang bansa noon.”

As this information alights, we are lead to believe that members of the Lucio Tan camp are fabricating stories of great exaggeration and instigating incidents to vilify and attenuate Mariano and his family. Are these stories leaked to the Filipino media credible? Or are they further proof that Lucio Tan has indeed paid off members of the public and the media to manipulate the feud that he and his brother Mariano has into his favor? Are the pro-Lucio publications credible?

The informant also said before he left in grief, “Kung kilala mo lang ang mga pamilya ni kapitan, masisira na ang kaluluwa mo. Noon sa pera ako ngumingiti, ngayon naghihingi ako ng paumanhin sa Diyos dahil sa aking mga nagawa para kay kapitan.”

Most likely, Mariano only has to answer to the charges and complaints against him in the corrupt courts of our beloved Philippines. Lucio Tan and members of his camp, on the other hand, have to confess their sins and beg for forgiveness from their conscience, country, humanity and God.

The articles in question are posted here for your inspection.


Tycoon’s brother faces maltreatment raps

By Tetch Torres
First Posted 20:55:00 08/11/2009

MANILA, Philippines – A criminal complaint will be filed against the brother of tycoon Lucio Tan for alleged maltreatment of his maid.

Mary Jane Sollano, 18, was rescued by combined elements of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Quezon City.

The victim, through lawyer Melanie Trinidad, said she would file a case for illegal detention and abuses she suffered from Mariano Taneglian in the last five years.

Sollano, native of Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur is undergoing treatment for trauma following her rescue last August 10 from the Tanenglian residence at No. 30 Biak na Bato St., Sto. Domingo, Quezon City.

Sollano, a native of Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, is set to undergo a battery of physical, emotional and psychological tests.

“She will execute her sworn statement and complaint before police authorities. Despite the waiver that Sollano, her father and her brothers were told to sign by Tanenglian’s lawyer as a condition for her release, the Sollanos are bent on filing charges to seek justice for the illegal detention and maltreatment she suffered,” Trinidad said.

Sollano, who was employed while still in her early teens at the Tanenglian household, allegedly suffered five years of physical, emotional and psychological abuse in the hands of Tanenglian’s wife Aleta and their two children. She claims that she was neither allowed to leave the residence nor communicate with relatives and was often left with nothing to eat. She didn’t even know what date it was, the lawyer said.

Sollano’s parents, fearing that their daughter was dead, only learned of her whereabouts from a fellow maid, identified as Aljane Bacanto, who escaped the Tanenglian household recently.

Sollano’s father then sought the help of provincemates and private lawyers who then brought them to the CHR to seek assistance from authorities.


Lucio Tan feud worsens; cops raid brother’s home

12 August 2009

THE feud between taipan Lucio Tan and his brother Mariano Tanenglian has taken a turn for the worse, with the Commission on Human Rights, accompanied by a squad of policemen, raiding the Tanenglian house on Monday ostensibly to rescue a housemaid.

The housemaid, Mary Jane Sollano, 18, has suffered five years of abuse at the hands of Tanenglian’s wife Aleta and their two children, in addition to being left in the sprawling house often without food, according to Lucio Tan’s lawyer Anna Marie Trinidad.

Tanenglian’s lawyer, Raymundo Quiroz, denied that there had been any raid.

“Nobody entered the house. There was a group of men across the street, maybe waiting for any incident that never happened,” Quiroz said, refusing to elaborate.

The Tanenglian couple were apparently not in the house on Biak-na-Bato Street in Quezon City during the alleged raid, An unidentified Rights Commission official reportedly was with an official from the Social Welfare Department, in addition to a team from the Quezon City police.

Tan, who lives in the same Biak-na-Bato compound, was in Hong Kong during the raid, according to a family member.

“We will file before the Department of Justice the necessary criminal charges against her employers,” Trinidad said in an e-mailed statement.

Trinidad said Sollano, a native of Pagadian City, started working for the Tanenglians when she was 14. All those years, the maid was not allowed to leave the house or to communicate with relatives.

“They often left her with nothing to eat, and she often did not know what day of the week it was.”

Trinidad claimed that a Tanenglian lawyer made Sollano, her father and brothers sign a waiver before the maid was eventually released. But the Sollanos were determined to file illegal detention and mistreatment charges against her employers, she said.

Sollano’s parents had feared that their daughter was dead, and they only learned of where she was through Aljane Bacanto, a fellow maid who escaped the Tanenglian household recently, Trinidad said.

Sollano’s father then sought the help of neighbors and private lawyers, who brought them to the Commission on Human Rights.

Sollano and her parents had a tearful reunion after five years of being separated, Trinidad said.

The feud between Tan, who is turning 75 tomorrow, and Tanenglian, 69, erupted in public in February after Tanenglian, then an Allied Bank director and treasurer, was prevented from entering the Allied Bank Center in Makati.

In retaliation, Tanenglian filed a criminal complaint against the Allied Bank guards and leaked out negative stories in the Chinese media, prompting Tan to drop his brother from the directorships in Philippine National Bank, Eton Properties and other publicly-listed Tan companies.

Rey E. Requejo


2 maids file complaint vs Tan brother

Victims cry maltreatment, nonpayment of salaries

By Nancy C. Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:33:00 08/21/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Two former housemaids of the businessman-brother of tycoon Lucio Tan Thursday filed a complaint against Mariano Tanenglian and his family, alleging that they were maltreated and detained against their will.

“They filed their complaint against the Tanenglian family for maltreatment and illegal detention and were accompanied by a lawyer,” said Police Officer 3 Marilou Salanap, Women’s Desk investigator of the QCPD Station 1 in La Loma, Quezon City.

Salanap said Mary Jane Sollano, 18, from Zamboanga del Sur, and Aljane Bacanto, 19, from Leyte did not give other details.

According to Al Pareno, the victims’ lawyer, the subjects of the complaint were Mariano, his wife, Aleta, and their two children, Marvin and Fayette.

Sollano was rescued by the Commission on Human Rights and police from Tanenglian’s house in Biak na Bato, Quezon City on Aug. 10, following Bacanto’s escape earlier.

A police report showed that Sollano’s father accepted P150,000 from Tanenglian in exchange for a signed document saying they would not pursue and participate in a case filed against Tanenglian.

But Pareno said the waiver signed by Sollano’s father had no bearing on the complaint filed against Tanenglian.

“The compromise agreement is different from the complaints of the victims,” the lawyer said. The complaints indicated that Sollano, who said she was employed by the Tanenglian family for five years, was maltreated by the family, just like Bacanto, who stayed with the family for three years. Both also claimed they were not paid for their work and were not allowed to leave the house nor communicate with relatives.

The two are now under the care of Kaisa Foundation which helps women who have been victims of violence.

Inquirer tried but failed to reach Tanenglian for comment.


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ang tagal tagal na ang balita sa mga peryodiko, ngayon lang lumabas dito.
gaya ng sabi ng marami, ang katotohanan lalabas at lalabas din sa huli

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kawawa naman si little brother

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sana maglabas ng pera din si mariano. nasaan ang mga kamag-anak niya? mga anak niya bakit walang ginaganwa?

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Lucio Tan has been a disgrace to our Filipino Chinese community

He is in the Philippines, because if he was in CHINA, he would be executed!

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FTC is in talks to be merged/acquired by a giant. Happening very soon.

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Will MAR ROXAS accept donations from the Lucio Tan camp?

This is the current debate of the Liberal Party.

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Lucio Tan is clean! No convictions in court!!

Read the newspapers!

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MANILA – Employees of local carrier Philippine Airlines expressed fear that they could be the next casualties as the local airline struggle with its finances.

In a feedback letter to, a reader who claims to be an employee who belong to PAL’s Network Management and Telecommunication Services (NMTS) department forwarded what was supposed to be an email memo that urged employees to go on forced leave without pay.

PAL appeared to be urging its employees to take one week leave per month starting August 17 until the third week of December this year as part of the airline’s cost cutting measures.

Below is the alleged undated letter sent by reader

With the current financial status of the company, all administrative personnel of NMTS department will have to go on Leave Without Pay for one (1) month. The leave will be taken on a one (1) week period per month starting the 17th of August 2009. To complete the one month Leave without Pay, the last batch of leaves will be until third week of December 2009.

Those who are in critical operations are encourage to be physically present in their workplace but not required to render the 8 hour duty. This will be a great sacrifice on your part but, we, each one, will have to contribute our best to uplift the financial situation of our beloved company.

I will be making the draft schedule of each and every administrative personnel Leave Without Pay, to be discuss with Mr. Jonathan Steven Lim and Mr Joseph Fermin. Tomorrow, this will be submitted to our VP, for his final approval.

Once again, our company is in need for our contribution and self-sacrifice to help in our own little way, the financial situation of the company.

The letter was reportedly signed by “Ted Simons,” whom we later learned is an assistant vice president of PAL.

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Yung pera ginagamit para ibastos si Mariano!

Eh kaming mga nagtratrabaho hindi binabayaran!

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This is in ABS-CBN.

ABS CBN said...

Network management

In a phone interview, PAL corporate communications head Jonathan Gesmundo told that the letter was indeed sent “internally, to the NMTS employees.”

When asked whether the letter reflected the financial situation of the company, Gesmundo replied that “Philippine Airlines would rather not make a comment.”

He also refused to confirm whether the employees who were being asked to go on forced leave without pay are regular employees.

Gesmundo later told Newsbreak that because the memo was “leaked to the media,” they are no longer pursuing the measure.

In PAL’s definitive information statement [12] given to shareholders for its annual stockholders' meeting in March 2009, it said that the Network Management and Telecom System group is housed in PAL’s facility in Nichols, Pasay City.

In the airline industry lingo, the tasks of network management include developing new flight schedule variants and evaluating them in terms of expected passenger demand and revenue. This may involve configuring a system that combines direct point-to-point traffic with connection traffic so airlines can increase the density and profitability of intercontinental flights, and diversify their client base.

Industry sources said this task is especially important when the airline is evaluating the potential synergies with alliance partners.

ABS CBN said...

Government bailout

“We are all left (in the dark),” reader [13] shared in his feedback letter. “They don’t (sic) give the valid reason.”

The reader then raised a white flag. “Will the government take over the company to save it? It is still the country's flag carrier. I fear that a lot of families will suffer the cause of this financial crisis.”

The Philippine government has bailed out PAL in the past, especially when it still monopolized the local airline industry.

In the aftermath of the 1997 Asian financial crisis, PAL, Asia’s first airline, retrenched some 5,000 employees, translating to some P24 million in monthly expenses.

Following a labor unrest, PAL, which was then sold to beer and cigarette tycoon Lucio Tan, shut down its operations. PAL employees and top management eventually entered into an agreement, which was facilitated by former President Joseph Estrada, and the airline that bears the Philippine flag in its logo entered into a court-approved financial rehabilitation period.

Oil and downgrade

By 2007, PAL had successfully turned itself around and formally exited the rehabilitation program.

However, several factors resulted in the current financial quandary that PAL now finds itself in. These include fiercer competition [14] both in the domestic and international markets following the relaxing of regulatory barriers [15] and the rise of budget airlines.

In 2008, PAL also bore the brunt in the decision of the United States Federal Aviation Administration to downgrade [16] the standard of the Philippine aviation from Category 1 to Category 2. This prevented PAL from further enhancing its trans-Pacific routes, which were its most profitable markets.

The skyrocketing of oil prices by mid-year did not help either. In July 2008, oil reached a record high of $147 per barrel, twice the current costs. Fuel accounts for about 40% of airlines’ total operating costs.

For fiscal year ending March 31, 2009, PAL Holdings, the listed parent company of PAL, disclosed to the local stock market that its net income plunged 77% [17] to $30.6 million from $130.5 million recorded in the previous fiscal year.

PAL had said it will push through with its expansion plans this year despite the global crisis. It even said announced new job openings [18] for reservation, ground crew, and flight staff as it prepares for the delivery of new planes.

It had also started to join the budget airline bandwagon [19] to buck the global aviation trend of declining revenues.

Yet, the following quarter—from April to June 2009—PAL Holdings's financial remained bleak. It recorded a total comprehensive income of P1.7 billion, or 47% lower than the P3.2 billion posted in the same period last year.

Despite lower fuel prices (expenses dropped 11%) during the quarter, PAL’s revenues were down 12% to $394 million. It cited declines in both traffic and passenger yields due to a sluggish global economy and the A(H1N1) scare. - by Maria Althea Teves, with Karen Flores,

Anonymous said...

Lucio Tan pay us!!

Not the corrupt officials and members of media!

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Lucio Tan discussed his DEATH PLANS with a Chinese association

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Mar Roxas now asked if he will accept contributions from Lucio Tan or his officers

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Bayaran mo kaming mga PAL employees!!

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Yung mga bumabastos lang ang natatanggap ng malaking salapi sa Lucio Tan companys

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... e Akala ko naman ... Profits ang na-report sa mga newspapers?

Philippine Airlines To Trim Costs To Survive Global Downturn

Philippine Airlines, the country's largest airline by fleet and revenue, said Thursday it is looking to further trim costs and reduce its workforce to survive the crisis currently hurting the global airline industry.

"Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures," PAL President and Chief Operating Officer Jaime Bautista as he informed shareholders of management's plan to offer early retirement packages to its nearly 8,000 employees. "We want to make PAL lean and mean so it will be agile and flexible enough to adapt to the new economic climate," he added.

PAL's management is still reviewing recent developments to determine the optimum number of employees.

Other cost-cutting measures include reducing flight frequencies, using smaller aircraft on certain routes, consolidating certain flights and outsourcing some ancillary services.


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Bayaran mo kaming mga empleyado at hindi mga media o mga taga gobyerno

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totoo ba na kinulong ang mga katulong sa bahay? bakit ayaw sagutin? at menor de edad pa. nakakahiya. kung hapon ka lang, dapat nagpakamatay ka na hindi dahil sa mali ang ginawa mo kundi nahuli ka

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kung hindi binabayaran ang mga employado, posibleng bang sa daming taon at daming tao, hindi pa nagstrike ang mga unions?
sinong tanga dito?

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mayroon daw dyan executive feeling may-ari ..sipsip na... commissioner pa......

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puwedeng clue kung sino ang executive? maski initials lang.
hirap dito ang dami dami mga misteryo

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sino pa ba kung hinde yong pinakamataas diyan na panay ang sipsip. dati kay mariano tapos ngayon kay kapitan then sipsip naman siya ngayon kay bong tan strategy lang niya yan o teknik gaya sabi ni pacquiao para hinde mapansin milagro niya no wonder multimillionaire na siya ngayon collector ng mga bahay,sasakyan at mga babae

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sino pa ba kung hinde yong pinakamataas diyan na panay ang sipsip. dati kay mariano tapos ngayon kay kapitan then sipsip naman siya ngayon kay bong tan strategy lang niya yan o teknik gaya sabi ni pacquiao para hinde mapansin milagro niya no wonder multimillionaire na siya ngayon collector ng mga bahay,sasakyan at mga babae