欲加之罪 何患無辭: Having No Lack of Pretext for Accusations

欲加之罪 何患無辭

Having no lack of pretext for accusations

“Never in a million years would I have thought that Mariano would be treating me this way”. This is the latest quip of the Taipan, Lucio Tan when he meets friends and associates.

Quite interesting indeed! 50 years ago, both brothers rose from their impoverished lives to build what is now the Lucio Tan Group of Companies. For 50 years, Mariano held the reigns of the treasury to make the ‘Empire’ prosper. In the words of Dr. Lucio Tan himself, “Mariano has never been greedy nor deceitful”, going so far as to admitting this fact to local media. For 50 years, Mariano has been someone loyal to Dr. Tan, fighting for him and always being on his side.

All of a sudden, Mariano has become the mad-eyed bull charging the ‘matador’, the person who embezzled tens of billions of pesos from LTGC. Then, reports came that Mariano was going to act as a witness against Dr. Tan in the ill-gotten wealth case between the government and Lucio Tan. Never in a million years! People would never have imagined that this has happened. It has indeed become a ‘ghostly legend’ for those who are amongst us, living today.

People have just begun to realize that Mariano has been stripped of his official powers as treasurer for a period of a little more than 2 years from the day that Mariano was barred by six armed guards from entering the premises of the Allied Bank building in Makati City where he took office.

In those years that Mariano has ceased to function as treasurer, Dr. Tan has been slowly influenced by his ‘pet’ officials and countless mistresses into being an irrational person. Forever pushing his late mother’s dying wish beneath his consciousness. He has followed the tactics of age-old Emperors to discredit his loyal ‘ministers’. First, accusations are made, then, official powers are stripped, followed by false rumors spread through the media... forcing the ‘minister’ to become a vermin scurrying down city streets, hiding from those that attacks him. In the end, you have wished death upon your ‘minister’. Then, you thank the gods?!

Mariano has had no official powers for more than 2 years now. How could the current losses of the company be pinned on him?! This fault should be blamed on those who have mishandled finances when Mariano was no longer in power to strictly watch the ins and outs of the company’s finances. For 50 years, you and Mariano have battled the odds together. You, Dr. Tan, would prefer to give the shares you and Mariano hold to the Marcoses, rather than giving a single cent to Mariano; slowly forcing your blood feud into its current state.

Mariano, offer no more defenses! Otherwise, more false accusations would be hurled at you. People all over have offered their opinions against the injustice done to you. The media has been bought and censored by Dr. Tan because of you. Your good friends and colleagues are afraid for your persecution. Lucio has even painted you as being disloyal and unkind for agreeing to testify against him in court.

The saying goes: To kill ten thousand is to lose three thousand. No battle is ever won without loss at both sides. Dr. Lucio Tan has degraded himself in the eyes of the public because of the current blood feud. Dr. Tan, can you ever forgive yourself and face your own conscience? Can you face your late mother and father in their graves? If you are not afraid of the netherworld, how can you be afraid of the courts of this earth?

We all know that your might, power and wealth can buy anything in this world. The truth is that you have no lack of pretext to make accusations.


「睏一百醒」也沒想到永年會這樣對付我。這是最近陳大班見人便訴的話。是啊,耐人尋味:一個從小就 和他一起艱苦奮門,歷經50年,從無到有,從小到大,到如今造就了商業帝國的弟弟;一個50年來掌財門神,不貪不取 (陳大班不久前還在媒體面前肯定過的 話) ;一個50年來唯唯諾諾,唯兄長之命是從的人, 在一些人的口中瞬間幾乎成為紅了眼睛的鬥牛; 忽然變為竊取公司幾十個「B; 突然紛紛傳出居然要向政府作證陳氏集團財產與前總統馬科斯的淵源......。這也是 大多數人想一百年也難以置信的現代最大「聊齋」「封神榜」。

自從數月前在馬加地聯盟銀行大廈外面, 6個保安荷槍實彈阻擋股東兼董事局副主席進入開始,人們才知 道陳永年已經停權兩年之久了,事態的演變朝著陳大班在一班寵臣的挑撥離間下,特別是眾多姬妾的讒言搬弄下,越來越失去理智,越來越將慈母遺訓置於腦後,用歷代帝王誅殺功臣之手段發展, 即: 先製造罪名,繼剝奪權利,再輿論抹黑, 讓其成為過街老鼠。最後賜死,你還得「謝聖恩」。

陳永年,早已沒有權力卻必須為公司虧本負責; 嚴厲把守公司財門卻必須為得志小人 (得罪過的) 背十字 架; 50年一起拼搏打下的江山,倆人擁有的公司股權比例占90%的陳大班居然揚言寧可給馬科斯家族,也分文不給陳永年,一步步逼其於絕地。而且你陳永年不得作絲毫辯解,否則,罪名加重,即使是路見不平的人說幾句公道話,也是你的唆使,更別說媒體因你而受抵制摧殘 ;舊同事好朋友為你而遭迫害。連欲向政府作證的新聞也成為陳大班塑造一個不忠不孝,不仁不義之人的拿手花招。俗言: 殺人一萬,自損三千。這次的兄弟鬩牆,你陳大班在人們眼中的地位也一落千丈,倘若你自信對得起天地良心,以後有顏面見父母于泉下,就是森羅殿見證閻羅天子都不必怕,更何況陽間區區的政府。其實大家都知道你是有翻雲覆雨, 指鹿為馬之能耐的。正是: 欲加之罪,何患無辭。


Anonymous said...

Dr. Lucio Tan has been known to destroy his partners while stealing from them.

Mariano and the Santos family are selling their shares!

Anonymous said...

No Lucio Group Executive attacks Mariano, only the attack dogs and rumor mongers.

Anonymous said...

LUCIO TAN and LOYALTY, Is Lucio Tan Loyal?



eh asawa at anak nalang alam na nila ang sagot dito!!

Anonymous said...


Nagnakaw ng pera ng mga Pilipino!