Who is Mrs. Lucio Tan? Carmen, Letty or another Woman?

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Letty "Lucia" Tan claims to be Mrs. Lucio Tan.

"Lucio Tan's Wife Celebrates Birthday Week"

MANILA, Philippines – It must be fate, as her birth certifica says “Lucia,” but friends call her Letty. As in Letty Tan, or “Auntie Letty,” a woman with a good heart and wife of Lucio Tan, one of the richest men not just in the Philippines but in the world. This week marks her...

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After perusing the web for mentions of the real Mrs. Lucio Tan, this blog has posted some photos of Mrs. Carmen Tan (Wife #1) to help the public decide who the real Mrs. Lucio Tan is.

Mrs. (Carmen) Tan as some of you may know is a stockholder in many of Kapitan's companies. Her name is listed as one of the defendants in the PCGG's case against Lucio Tan. Letty's name does not even appear in any legal nor public document (available to the public) concerning the wealth of Mr. Tan.

Moreso, Letty has never been out in public media, Carmen has. Why is she now pushing to be out in the public's eye?

It is for the public to know who the rightful Mrs. Lucio Tan is.

Carmen Tan, pictured at top, or Letty Tan, pictured at bottom.

Mrs. Carmen Tan, Legal Wife of Mr. Lucio Tan

Mrs. Letty "Lucia" Tan, One Among Many Mistresses of Mr. Lucio Tan

It is rumored that Letty Tan, supposed "Wife" #2 had her birth certificate doctored to bear the name "Lucia" in order to be 'closer' to "Lucio".

In the Philippines, anything goes, power & money can buy anything, even ones soul... No doubt, the media has already been bought by parties wishing to further the interest of Letty Tan in the Lucio Tan Group of Companies.

If Mrs. Carmen Tan is the legal wife of Mr. Lucio Tan, how can Mrs. Letty Tan be also called the legal wife? Is there no legal system in the Philippines?

More Photos of Mrs. Carmen Tan

Here is a short clipping of the case published in this government site

On July 17, 1987, pursuant to its mandate under Executive Order No. 1of then President Corazon C. Aquino, the PCGG, on behalf of the Republic of the Philippines, filed with the Sandiganbayan a complaint for “reversion, reconveyance, restitution, accounting and damages” against respondents Lucio Tan, Carmen Khao Tan, Florencio T. Santos, Natividad P. Santos, Domingo Chua, Tan Hui Nee, Mariano Tanenglian, Estate of Benito Tan Kee Hiong (represented by Tarciana C. Tan), Florencio N. Santos, Jr., Harry C. Tan, Tan Eng Chan, Chung Poe Kee, Mariano Khoo, Manuel Khoo, Miguel Khoo, Jaime Khoo, Elizabeth Khoo, Celso Ranola, William T. Wong, Ernesto B. Lim, Benjamin T. Albacita, Willy Co, Allied Banking Corporation, Allied Leasing and Finance Corporation, Asia Brewery, Inc., Basic Holdings Corp., Foremost Farms, Inc., Fortune Tobacco Corporation, Grandspan Development Corp., Himmel Industries, Iris Holdings and Development Corp., Jewel Holdings, Inc., Manufacturing Services and Trade Corp., Maranaw Hotels and Resort Corp., Northern Tobacco Redrying Plant, Progressive Farms, Inc., Shareholdings, Inc., Sipalay Trading Corp., Virgo Holdings and Development Corp. (collectively referred to herein as respondents Tan, et al., for brevity), then President Ferdinand E. Marcos and Imelda R. Marcos, Panfilo O. Domingo, Cesar Zalamea, Don Ferry and Gregorio Licaros. The case was docketed as Civil Case No. 0005 of the Sandiganbayan (Second Division). In connection therewith, the PCGG issued several writs of sequestration on properties allegedly acquired by the above-named persons by means of taking advantage of their close relationship and influence with former President Marcos.

Shortly thereafter, respondents Tan, et al. filed with this Court petitions for certiorari, prohibition and injunction seeking to, among others, nullify the writs of sequestration issued by the PCGG. After the filing of the comments thereon, this Court referred the cases to the Sandiganbayan (Fifth Division) for proper disposition, docketed therein as follows:

a. Civil Case No. 0096 – Lucio Tan, Mariano Tanenglian, Allied Banking Corp., Iris Holding and Development Corp., Virgo Holdings Development Corp. and Jewel Holdings, Inc. v. PCGG, which seeks to nullify the PCGG’s Order dated June 19, 1986 sequestering the shares of stock in Allied Banking Corporation held by and/or in the name of respondents Lucio Tan, Mariano Tanenglian, Iris Holding and Development Corp., Virgo Holdings Development Corp. and Jewel Holdings, Inc.;

b. Civil Case No. 0097 – Lucio Tan, Carmen Khao Tan, Florencio T. Santos, Natividad Santos, Florencio N. Santos, Jr., and Foremost Farms, Inc. v. PCGG, which seeks to nullify the PCGG’s Order dated August 12, 1986 sequestering the shares of stock in Foremost Farms, Inc. held by and/or in the name of Lucio Tan, Carmen Khao Tan, Florencio T. Santos, Natividad Santos and Florencio N. Santos, Jr.;

c. Civil Case No. 0098 – Lucio Tan, Carmen Khao Tan, Mariano Tanenglian, Florencio T. Santos, Natividad Santos, Florencio N. Santos, Jr., Shareholdings, Inc. and Fortune Tobacco Corp. v. PCGG, which seeks to nullify the PCGG’s Order dated July 24, 1986 sequestering the shares of stock in Fortune Tobacco Corp. held by and/or in the name of Lucio Tan, Carmen Khao Tan, Mariano Tanenglian, Florencio T. Santos, Natividad Santos, Florencio N. Santos, Jr., Shareholdings, Inc.; and

d. Civil Case No. 0099 – Lucio Tan, Carmen Khao Tan, Mariano Tanenglian, Florencio T. Santos, Natividad Santos and Shareholdings, Inc. v. PCGG, which seeks to nullify the PCGG’s Order dated July 24, 1986 sequestering the shares of stock in Shareholdings, Inc. held by and/or in the name of Lucio Tan, Carmen Khao Tan, Mariano Tanenglian, Florencio T. Santos and Natividad Santos.

In all these cases, respondents Tan, et al. are represented by their counsel Atty. Estelito P. Mendoza, who served as the Solicitor General from 1972 to 1986 during the administration of former President Marcos.

The PCGG filed with the Sandiganbayan (Fifth Division) a motion to disqualify Atty. Mendoza as counsel for respondents Tan, et al. The PCGG alleged that Atty. Mendoza, as then Solicitor General and counsel to the Central Bank, “actively intervened” in the liquidation of General Bank and Trust Company (GENBANK), which was subsequently acquired by respondents Tan, et al. and became Allied Banking Corporation. As shown above, among the litigated properties are the sequestered shares of stocks in Allied Banking Corp. (Civil Case No. 0096)....


Anonymous said...

Wow! hindi nga magkamukha etong Letty Tan at si Carmen Tan. Masmaganda at bonga si Mrs. Carmen.

Anonymous said...

Newsbreak Who Inherits Lucio Tan's Billions?

This is a Repost from:

Who Inherits Lucio Tan’s Billions?

Friday, 17 August 2007

Whenever people who have dealt with taipan Lucio Tan talk about him, anecdotes about four aspects of his life never seem to end: his love life, restaurant manners, political connections, and detest for paying taxes.

His political connections have been reported in the media, and the alleged tax dues have been recorded in voluminous court documents. Then there were the accounts of him ordering hopia in a five-star restaurant and gobbling it up, crumbs and flakes falling all over the place, manners one would not expect in a five-star restaurant. (Okay, so he owns Century Park Sheraton, where the restaurant is.)

His family life invites the most curiosity. Why, for instance, doesn’t anybody from his family seem to stand out as his business protégé? After all, Lucio Tan is in his twilight years and his contemporaries, who have rags-to-riches stories like him, have clear-cut succession plans. A good number of them have even turned over the management of their business empire to the next generation, and are now enjoying being grandfathers or engaging in philanthropic works.

Tan, however, remains on top of his business empire, while his children keep a low profile, with some of them engaging in enterprises that don’t seem to complement their dad’s businesses. Well, it seems that the reason is that he just has too many prospective protégés to choose from, so he’d rather not bother anymore. His family includes four wives (some say five), four mistresses (some say more), and their sons and daughters, plus a battery of siblings and extended relatives.

Having a very large family is reportedly also the reason that billionaire Tan still doesn’t have a last will and testament. Sources say that the taipan seems to believe that if he prepares one now, it will cause more squabbles among his “family” members. He would rather have them fight when he’s already six feet under.

What happens when that time comes boggles the mind. Imagine each wife, child, brother, and relative will be on his or her own. There just might not be enough good lawyers in the country to handle the inheritance cases.

(The count on his “wives” is short. It is 13. The last is the Mongolian youngling he bought for $200,000 who just gave him a child two years back. And this does not yet count the under-aged girls he choppers-off to her scattered love-nests as side dishes. The government should have an incorruptible leader to collect and punish this sexual pervert Yellow Economic Lucifer while still alive. His tax cheated wealth will not go back to government coffers but divided by his countless children and bastards through figths!)

Anonymous said...


The latest is not the Mongolian, but a young newly graduate teacher from China. The teacher graduated from Fujian Normal University, came to the Philippines few years ago as volunteer teacher for Chinese education, her volunteer work served as her OJT requirement for graduation. She teaches at Philippine Cultural High School-Annex in Caloocan city. How she met El Kapitan? Lucio Tan is the sponsor of all volunteer teachers, he donated plane tickets for them to come to Manila. He saw this young beautiful young teacher in a banquet given to the teachers in Century Seafood Restaurant. The teacher finished her OJT after one school year and went back to China to finish all her requirements for graduation. After graduating, she came back to Manila to study MBA in De La Salle University. Rumors among Chinese community reported that Lucio Tan sponsored her tuition fees and he himself went to La Salle to fetch his new girl friend after school, and proceeds to Century Park Hotel, which is just behind DLSU. According to Chinese community sources, she is the latest mistress of El Kapitan. Another rumor says, his helicopter pilot confirmed in 2004 that Lucio Tan have a 1 year old son in USA, his mistress there is a very young American girl who is still in Senior High School.

Rumor or True?

Anonymous said...

This is a court document published in the Manila Bulletin, you will see Carmen Khao Tan's Name, not that of Letty Tan to be among the defendants of the case against Lucio Tan

As reported in:

SC nullifies writs of sequestration on Lucio Tan stocks.

Publication: Manila Bulletin
Date: Wednesday, January 30 2008

The Supreme Court (SC) declared final yesterday its Dec. 7, 2007 decision that nullified the writs of sequestration issued by the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) over the shares of stocks of businessman Lucio C. Tan and his associates in several companies like the Allied Banking Corp., Foremost Farms, and Fortune Tobacco Corp.

In a resolution, the SC's first division said that the motions filed by the PCGG and the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) failed to convince the court to modify its decision.

"Acting on the separate motions for reconsideration, filed by petitioner PCGG and by the OSG, of the decision dated Dec. 7, 2007... and considering that the basic issues have already been passed upon and there is no substantial argument therein to warrant a modification of this Court's decision, the Court resolves to deny the reconsideration with finality," the SC said.

In the Dec. 7, 2007 decision written by Justice Angelina Sandoval Gutierrez, the SC ruled that the evidence presented by the PCGG on the writs of sequestration "... does not show how the properties sequestered were acquired by respondents (Tan and his associates) or that they are "ill-gotten wealth" and whether former President (Ferdinand) Marcos intervened in their acquisition."

The SC said there is no evidence presented by the government that the shares belong to the government or any of its branches, instrumentalities, enterprises, banks, or financial institutions.

"Nor is there evidence that respondents, taking undue advantage of their connections or relationship with former President Marcos or his family, relatives, and close associates, were able to acquire those shares of stock," the SC added.

Aside from Tan, other respondents in the PCGG cases were Mariano Tanenglian, AlliedBanking Corp., Iris Holdings & Development Corp., Virgo Holdings and Development Corp., Jewel Holdings Inc., Carmen Khao Tan, Florencio Santos Sr., Natividad Santos,Florencio Santos Jr., Foremost Farms Inc., Shareholdings Inc., and Fortune Tobacco Corp.

Anonymous said...

Coincidence or Greed?

1 year after the Sequestration Case is resolved in favor of Lucio Tan, et al, Mariano Tanenglian is being taken out of office or as they say in Allied Bank,he has been Lucio Tanned

Anonymous said...

Tingnan lang ninyo!!

Ang totoong asawa ay si Letty Tan

Sa tingin mo walang alam ang mga nasa PHILIPPINE STAR??

Anonymous said...

Wala naman kwenta ibang babae ni Lucio

Si Letty lang ang pinakaimportante, kasi siya ang nanay ng Heir of Lucio Tan

May announcement na sinabi sa mga executives ng grupo

Anonymous said...

May interview ang asawa ni Lucio na si Letty Tan, wala naman ganun ang kahit sinong ibang babae

Ito ay pinapakit kung sino ang NUMBER 1 ni Lucio

Lahat ng ibang babae ay pinapatahimik at wala silang lugar sa society, si Letty Tan ang NUMBER 1 at ang anak niya ay NUMBER 1 rin

Anonymous said...

Lucio takes Letty as 2nd wife upon the advise of a Feng Shui master. At that time, Lucio Tan is still not a taipan, a famous Feng Shui master told him, he should marry a wife that have partial disability 破相. Letty is a cashier of Allied Bank. Lucio just took over from General Bank earlier. Letty have problem in one of her eye, and they initially met from ballroom dancing. Lucio loves to dance, as well as Letty, so Lucio took her as his 2nd wife, they were married in Baguio city, to avoid bigamy, Lucio changed his name in their marriage certificate to "Michael Tan".

Indeed the Feng Shui master is correct, after marrying Letty Tan, Lucio's luck started to come, thus beginning his business empire.

Insiders said, when Carmen learned about the existence of another wife, she confronted Letty, but Letty shown her their marriage certificate. Letty also gave birth to Lucio's first male son--Michael, which strengthen her place as Mrs. Lucio Tan. According to Chinese tradition, first son is the most important, and considered to be heir of the family. Carmen's first born is female, Bong Tan was born after Michael.

There is also a rule among LT group, whenever Carmen is around, Letty will not show up, even during family gathering. But since Michael is the heir, Carmen recognized him. Their relationship were even good.

MLucore often, Lucio Tan will bring Letty if he is meeting Philippine government officials or attending Filipino community functions, since Letty's Tagalog and English is much better than Carmen. Lucio will bring Carmen to Chinese community functions and receptions.

Regarding his latest mistress, a teacher from China, I heard it is true, someone who is studying in La Salle also confirmed he saw Lucio Tan with the girl personally.

Anonymous said...

sana ako rin may mistress na magpapayaman sa akin.

Anonymous said...

pero ayaw ko yung bulag a! gusto ko yung maganda, mabait, matalino... pero lady luck rin.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ano ba yan, duling or banlag? Madilim ang salamin

bear4597 said...

Why is everyone asking who the REAL Mrs. Lucio Tan is? What is the point of doing this? What does "real" mean? We all know Lucio married Carmen out of love when they were still in their humble beginnings. Lucio took Letty as his mistress because of his desire to expand his wealth (as what a feng shui master told him) NOT because he truly fell in love with her. Unfortunately, the reason he may have more mistresses is because of his fear that if he stops, his empire will crumble down. I think he has just recently begun to feel the consequences of his actions.

Please let us stop comparing the two women. Putting myself in Carmen's shoes I find it painful to bear that Letty is being regarded as the true wife because of her bearing the firstborn son.

Anonymous said...

stop giving comment about lucio tan and his family lucio tans real wife is carmen!!!! he has no other wife if you jealous about lucio tans richnest strive had so you can achieve what lucio tan has right now lucio tan is a kind person his a kind grandfather and he's a very hard working grandfather !!!!! we love you angkong

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter which woman Lucio Tan holds higher in esteem. Under the Philippine laws, the legal wife and legitimate children inherits mosts of his wealth. But no doubt, unless the heirs agree on the partition of Kapitan's empire when he leaves this world, expect court battles to drag on concerning succession.