Allied Bank security chief insists top management banned Tan brother from entering family owned building

March 19, 2009, 5:02pm

It was the top management of Lucio Tan’s bank in Makati City that has officially banned his younger brother from entering the family-owned corporation since January.

This is what Allied Banking Corporation’s security chief Christopher Dobles disclosed yesterday as he submitted his five-page counter affidavit to refute the charges of grave coercion filed against him and six security guards by Mariano Tanenglian.

Saying there is no basis for Tanenglian’s complaint, Dobles maintained that he is in no position to question the debarment instruction of the top management he received "sometime in January 2009."

"I did not find anything wrong with the instruction given to me. After all, the top management may very well bar any individual from entering the private premises of the bank. As an officer, I have no right to question who are being allowed entry into the center. I have no discretion to choose who should be granted access," Dobles said.

He, however, failed to name the top executives who ordered Tanenglian’s debarment or even produce the memorandum pertaining to the instruction.

Tanenglian’s complaint came after he was allegedly "forced, threatened and intimidated from entering" the car park of Allied Banking Corporation at the corner of Dela Rosa and Gallardo streets in Legaspi Village last February 4.

Despite being a stockholder, treasurer and member of the board of directors of the corporation since 1977, Tanenglian, then aboard a white Mercedes Benz (XPT 868), was blocked by allegedly heavily armed security guards who raised their firearms in a threatening and intimidating manner "as if they would not hesitate to use their firearms if we would proceed.

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