PAL prepared for massive strike/Lucio Tan Corrupting Even Men of God

PAL prepared for massive strike
Posted at 12/09/2010 12:43 PM Updated as of 12/09/2010 1:04 PM

MANILA, Philippines - An overwhelming vote for the planned strike of the Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA) would not be a surprise for the airline management, which still believes the balloting has no legal basis.

PAL president Jaime Bautista assured they have prepared contingency plans in case the work stoppage pushes through.

PALEA president Gerry Rivera had announced that based on initial reports from the field, at least 70% of the union's 3,700 members voted in favor of the strike. The final number of votes has yet to be determined.

PALEA, the ground crew union of the flag carrier, is protesting alleged union busting and bargaining of management with individual members.

"Kung gagawin nila iyan ay may contingency measures na nakahanda para naman hindi maapektuhan ang mga pasahero ng PAL," Bautista told a radio dzMM interview.

The PAL president noted they are more concerned with the government's pending decision on PALEA's petition against Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz's ruling, allowing the airline management's outsourcing plan.

Bautista insisted that PALEA's reason for the strike balloting has no legal basis. He said that the union busting and individual bargaining allegations have been addressed by Baldoz's ruling.

Meanwhile, the PAL official assured that all PALEA members will be absorbed by service providers.

He said as of now, the striking ground crew members are still employees of PAL since management has decided to temporarily halt the outsourcing plan pending a final decision from the government.

A Taipan without his Right Hand Man.

Lucio Tan Corrupting Even Men of God

Your Excelencies:

Please read this. This is very correct.

Can't you not rein in unviversities run by Catholic priests and sisters from giving indiscrimately honoris causa degrees to people like Lucio Tan in exchange of robbed-from-Filipino- people millions? University of Sto. Tomas, St. Paul University of Tuguegarao, and lately San Beda College allowed themselves to be used as deodorants, for Tan to continue his labor and worker exploitation and oppression, and gargantuan tax evasion.

This economic saboteur Chinaman is corrupting our faith's priests to serve as his stench deodorant.

Even the supposed venerable Father Joaquin Bernas eiled himself as Luciofer Tan's prop, by "serving" as a trustee of his Tan Yan Kee (bogus) Foundation.

Money talks even to our priests.

mikesy (posted on Jan 30, 2009 12:59 PM)
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Vic Alim: You are so correct in saying indirectly that justice is for sale in our country by citing honoris causa degrees given by Catholic universities in exchange of filthy money masked as donation money. It makes us throw-up to see advertised each time a known rotten man is bestowed a PhD degree in exchange of ill-gotten money. This non-Pinoy businessman should be known to the university authorities to be so rotten, thus desperately in need to be cosmetized with honoris causa degrees. Yet, they are like children so happy when given candies if given "donations” in millions to the universities (and to their persons also, most probably). The last, now the third university run by the Catholic order, even gave him recently an honoris causa PhD in humanities! Can you imagine that? Catholic priests and nuns can allow themselves to be corrupted by cheated money, worse than jueteng money, to serve as deodorant to this rotten and stinking businessman? They should have read the recent columns of Mareng Winnie about this man’s filths, isn’t it? If our list serves us correct, that last PhD given him is the 13th, the same count of his wife and concubines that gave him countless children. He should be worthy now to be in Guinness Book of World Records in terms of PhDs! Now, who will still be surprised to see the faithful of the Church eroding in quantity? Calling CHED and CBCP!

Mike Sy, Cebu

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