Tycoon's Family Kidnaps Maids

A Xavier School alumnus, his father, mother and sister are being charged with kidnapping their two maids and engaging in human trafficking. The two maids were recruited through manpower agencies and lived with the family in their house, inside the Lucio Tan compound in Quezon City. According to the two maids who had employment contracts, they were kidnapped then worked in the residence.

Based on that evidence, Quezon City RTC Branch 94 issued arrest warrants against the Xavier alumnus and his entire family! Not just an arrest warrant, but non-bailable arrest warrants.

Look at the profile of the four family members.

The father is a 70 year old executive, he was Vice-Chairman and Treasurer of Philippine Airlines, Treasurer of Fortune Tobacco Corporation, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Allied Bank and Treasurer of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies.

The wife is a former accountant and now housewife in her early 60s.

The son is a Xavier alumnus and graduate of Ateneo where he took B.Sc. Management (Legal Management). He was a ranking executive of Tanduay and Philippine Airlines.

The daughter is an Architect, wife of another Xavier alumnus (batch1991). She is a graduate of UST and obtained 10th Place in the 1999 Architectural Board Examination. She was an Executive of Philippine Airlines and is currently an Entrepreneur.

If you match any of the profiles above, don't think our justice system cannot catch you. You might just be arrested for kidnappingyour maids.

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