...Capital Crime Hurled Against a Citizen... [Mayor being persecuted by politicians]

February 09, 2010 22:54:00
Neal Cruz
Philippine Daily Inquirer

... Another capital crime hurled against a citizen is the kidnapping rap filed against Tsinoy businessman Mariano Tanenglian, his wife and their two children. The crime is non-bailable. Again, there is no motive. The supposed victim is a former housemaid. Why would a Tsinoy tycoon kidnap his own housemaid, whose relatives cannot afford to pay ransom? What would he have gained from kidnapping a housemaid?....


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Former Philippine Ambassador Lauro l. Baja remains accused by his domestic helper Marichu S. Baoan. Out of the 15 charges, the accuser and her lawyers rounded them to 12 charges that included forced labor, trafficking, peonage, slavery, and involuntary servitude. Her lawyers filed an amended complaint without the the violation of the racketeer influenced and corrupt organization act (RICO).) Baja is given 20 days from August 18, 2009 to answer the charges.

“Baoanan complained that she worked at the Bajas as domestic helper for three months, her visa facilitated by Labaire International Travel. The Bajas collected fees from her, provided her temporary housing and organized her travel from the Philippines to New York. She was forced to work 18 hours a day, seven days a week with no days off for three months and paid merely $100…

Baoanan is taking action under the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, federal and state labor laws, and common law to recover her lawful minimum and overtime wages, other damages, attorneys’ fees. She is also seeking redress for violations of her basic human and civil rights.”----GMANews.Tv (08/26/09, Lariosa, J.G.)

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‘Nothing to do with scandal’

The camp of businessman Lucio Tan yesterday said the taipan has no involvement whatsoever with the recent scandal involving his younger brother’s family over the alleged detention and maltreatment of the latter’s housemaid.

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MANILA, Philippines--The country's two biggest tobacco-manufacturing firms have agreed to merge into a single entity that will end up controlling about 90 percent of the lucrative cigarette industry in the Philippines.

According to an Inquirer source, Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc. (PMPMI) will merge with Fortune Tobacco Corp. to create a firm called Philip Morris-Fortune Tobacco Co. (PMFTC).

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The same sources said the merger was facilitated by Tan’s younger brother, Harry, who was worried about the succession problems that could befall the multi-billion empire given the bitter feud between Lucio Tan, who is turning 76 this year, and the second brother, Mariano Tanenglian.

With the merger, Philip Morris and Fortune Tobacco will effectively divide the Philippine market between themselves, with the US tobacco giant controlling the higher end with its Marlboro and Philip Morris brands, and Fortune with its Hope, Fortune, Champion and Boss cigarettes.

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But many observers say there's more to this deal than meets the eye. Among the Chinese business elite, there has been consistent talk of Tan's poor health and the problems of succession.

Tan has been involved in a very public dispute with his brother Mariano Taneligan, who until recent years, was his most trusted consiglieri.

Mariano has even threatened to testify against Lucio in the Marcos wealth cases.

Mariano was expected to run the Tan empire until the lines of succession between his numerous children became more clear.

But so far, family disputes have prevented a clear succession. With the succession unclear, and with his health reportedly failing, Tan seems to have opted to gradually sell his tobacco business.

Neither Harry Tan nor Philip Morris's Chris Nelson would address the issue directly.